• Here comes the sun

    Here comes the sun

    Make your assortment deliciously diverse with the help of FRITSCH pastry technology..

    Find out more about our machines for pastry production.


  • Award-winning Coiling System

    Award-winning Coiling System

    Vacuum coiling system CSV

  • Good to the last bite

    Good to the last bite

    A pizza with great powers of seduction is the product of a master baker’s hands – or of a pizza line made by FRITSCH.

    Have a look a the corresponding machines and lines.

  • We like to shake tradition up a bit

    We like to shake tradition up a bit

    The idea that a machine could ever possibly produce a pretzel as skillfully as a baker was for the longest time considered farfetched. At least until FRITSCH arrived on the scene with its nifty MULTITWIST.

    More on our lines for twisted products.

  • The Start of a good Day

    The Start of a good Day

    When your customers cannot start their day without your bread and your rolls, well, let’s face it: you are a master of your trade ... and possibly a proud owner of a FRITSCH IMPRESSA bread line.

    Find out about our machinery's capabilities for Bread and Bread-Roll Production.

Fritsch Technology Center

Fritsch Technology Center


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